The opposition wants to take us to a civil war

Hace 11 meses.

For the deputy of the Parliamentary Bloc of the Homeland, Pedro Carreño, the Venezuelan right wing will continue in its destabilizing plan to lead the country to a civil war, so the electoral path is not a option to become a political power.

When interviewed in the “Encendidos” program, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, Carreño asked the population to analyze the case of Syria, a country, quoting an interview conducted with President Bashar al Asad in Telesur, that “did not realized when they were taken into a civil war “.

“They began with the spots of violence, under the technique of small spots, not mass concentrations, and when they realized they were deep into a civil war; Added to this were injected mercenaries from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Al Qaeda and Isis. ”

Carreño also requested the thesis raised by Max Manwaring, an official of the United States Department of State, in his book “Street Gangs: The New Urban Insurgency”, where he proposes the use of criminal gangs for the formation of destabilizing groups.

The deputy was skeptical about the possibility of the opposition participating in the Constituent Assembly, ensuring that the plans of the international right wing to take control or political power are not electoral.

“If by the electoral route they can achieve mayoralties is to put them at the service of conspiracy and the anti-Homeland. If they achieve governorships and public powers such as the National Assembly it’s with the same aim. One might think, in a joust and rational judgment, that the Venezuelan opposition could not collect 195,000 signatures, a one percent, to activate the revocatory referendum mechanism. Could not they gather them? Why, then, 600,000 forged signatures? Because it does not suit them, they are not interested in it, the takeover of power by democratic, peaceful and electoral methods within the framework of a State of Law.