The Constituent Assembly is the way to defeat violence and terrorism

Hace 11 meses.

The constituent is the way to defeat violence and terrorism, said the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

“There is a cycle that marks with its force the beginning of another revolutionary cycle, a new historical trigger that needs a National Constituent Assembly, assured the Head of State.

Through a telephone contact with an assembly of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) the President affirmed: “We are in the middle of a great fight to defend the right of our country to live in peace, to lead solutions.”

He emphasized the 9 points proposed for the debate. “I have raised 9 points to the Presidential commission. Let’s take these 9 points and bring them to the creative debate. ”

“The first objective will be peace with justice, to recompose it with a dialogue that does not depend on elites, but on a people. The second major objective that is to constitutionalize the driving force is the new economic model, the post-rentier model and one that manages to encompass the constituent commitment of the entire productive force. ”

“The third issue that I have raised is to constitutionalize the Missions and Great Socialist Missions to leave them in the hands of youth and constitute our own state of social happiness and advance to a system of perfectioning. The fourth subject is justice, to penalize kidnapping, Gender violence, and thus advance to a more severe and joust system of justice “.

Likewise, the President emphasized in the participation of youth in the constituent process. “It has been proposed to build a chapter for the Venezuelan youth that bequeaths its rights and guarantees from here to 20 years, an advanced written chapter for those youth who have been martyred in recent weeks by violence and false positives. Let us call youth to peace in a big way with the strength it has in each event, go to the neighborhoods, the urbanisms to build a constituent process of youth. ”

He rejected the positions of the world’s right wing against Venezuela. “What do we care about what is being said in Washington and Bogota? If we decide to be free, we don’t care about anything that can say the garbage of Luis Almagro, what we have to care about is to go to the contact and raise a new Zamorist, Bolivarian and Chavista majority” .

The First National dignitary blamed Julio Borges for summoning violence. “Today he is in Washington asking for sanctions against Venezuela, that is called Treason,” he said, adding that the right wing will continue to promote the banner of violence and terrorism.

The Head of State expressed support for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela: “The PSUV is a powerful political vanguard and a powerful electoral machinery. The time comes to get activated 24 hours a day, we (will) go to elections to choose the leadership of the National Constituent Assembly and to renew popular hope. ”

Finally, he said: “We have a well defined path, let us prepare our people to go to a beautiful process, of a Constituent National Assembly that represents the deep spirit of change that the people needs”.