The Constituent Assembly is the greatest demonstration of Chávez’s legacy

Hace 11 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stressed on Monday that the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) is the greatest demonstration of the legacy of the Revolutionary leader Hugo Chávez, which is based on the original power that lies in the people.

“The Constituent Assembly of 2017 is the essence and life of Hugo Chávez’s legacy. Whoever it may hurt or burn. It is Hugo Chavez, alive in his people, it is Chavez alive in battle”, said the Head of State during the swearing-in ceremony of the Zamora 200 Campaign Command for the Constituent Assembly in Caracas.

He stressed that the legacy of Commander Chavez “is a permanent dynamic, a force that is regenerating” and warned that for this legacy to remain alive “it has to be in a permanent, revolutionary movement”.

“That is why the National Constituent Assembly that we are going to elect at the end of July is the greatest practical demonstration of that Chavez’s legacy lives; And when we say Chávez Lives!, the Constituent Assembly Continues”, he emphasized.

The President condemned the manipulations of some opposition spokesmen who try to confuse the people with a supposed defense of the legacy of the Bolivarian leader. “It’s a shame to see Julio Borges talk about defending Chavez’s legacy”, he said.