The Bolivarian Government obtained a blunt diplomatic victory in the International Labor Organization

Hace 3 meses.

A resounding victory was won by the Government of President Nicolás Maduro Moros in the International Labor Organization (ILO), during the 331th Meeting of the Council of Administration of that world body, held in this city.

The Venezuelan delegation was led by the vice-minister for the Integrated Labor Inspection and Social Security System, José Ramón Rivero, and Ambassador Jorge Valero, Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the UN-Geneva.

Bolivarian diplomacy achieved an important victory by defeating the claims of Fedecamaras (Business Chamber) of wanting to manipulate that Organization and its fundamental pillars, which are cooperation and tripartite dialogue, requesting the appointment of a Commission of Inquiry, to verify alleged breaches of Conventions of the Organization .

Deputy Minister José Ramón Rivero reiterated the willingness of the Venezuelan Government to discuss and dismantled the unfounded allegations of the right-wing business representative, giving multiple evidences of how President Maduro has called on all national sectors, including the business sector, for the country to deploy an economic, political and social plan aimed at guaranteeing peace.

For its part, Fedecámaras tried to ignore the National Constituent Assembly and the will of the sovereign people, showing little willingness for tripartite dialogue.

The decision approved by the ILO established a dialogue between the different social partners, including the National Constituent Assembly. This initiative was joined by Governments of the world present during the debate.

The spokesperson for the workers’ sector in the ILO, Catelene Passchier, recognized the high democratic and dialogical spirit of the Venezuelan Government. The Venezuelan delegation ratified the commitment of the Bolivarian Government to continue with the strict compliance of the ILO conventions ratified by Venezuela and to continue adding the necessary efforts for the development and strengthening of the social dialogue, with respect to the Venezuelan Constitution and laws.

This new victory of the Bolivarian Revolution in the ILO joins the tireless work deployed in the multilateral world in defense of the interests of the country.