The ANC will help reorganize the Homeland

Hace 11 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, assured that the constituent process will help to organize the Homeland.

“A National Constituent Assembly (ANC) of a social, transformative nature. It is a National Constituent Assembly to reorganize the country. It is the maximum power that a country can have, and thanks to the Commander (Hugo) Chavez and the Constituent Process of 1999 it remained here (in the Constitution) in articles 347-348 and 349”, he said from the Paseo Los Próceres (The Heroes Stroll), where he made the Relaunching of the School Feeding Program (PAE),

The National President recalled that it was Commander Chavez who, in 2007, began the process to include all the social rights conquered by the People’s power through a constitutional reform.

“It was not possible then … There is the project of reform, a deep one, because Commander Chavez conceived the process, as a process that is advancing, the new”, he stressed.

He assured that this constitutional process will allow the constitutionalization of all missions and major social missions, as well as the rights of the Venezuelan youth.

“The time has come to nurture the 1999 Constitution to constitutionalize all social rights, all missions, all major missions, and thus give our people maximum security and social stability, and no one wants to privatize social rights ( … To nurture, expand, strengthen, to open the horizon for the next few years is one of the great missions of the National Constituent Assembly”, he emphasized.

Given this process, the revolutionary youth ratified their support to the actions undertaken by the National Executive to preserve the peace and stability of the Republic.

“May you count on the youth, on the Venezuelan people to continue establishing our People’s Government”, said Cristian Avendaño, a representative of the Bolivarian Student Organization (OBE), present at the event.