Terrorism sums 156 attacks on public and private property

Hace 9 meses.

The Venezuelan right wing in more than 50 days of demonstrations has attacked a total of 156 public and private assets.

The use of vandalism and terrorist acts are part of its strategy. The attacks on the offices of public offices of different ministries and public authorities began last April 6, when armed groups supported by these sectors looted the Gustavo Herrera High School, located in the Chacao municipality of Caracas (Miranda state), violating the constitutional right to education.

These first steps are recorded in a similar way to what occurred in 2014 in the Chacao and Altamira sectors. So far, has prevailed the of silence and indifference of local authorities against these facts.

The Bolivarian Government has denounced on several occasions that the leader of the “Primero Justicia” party, Julio Borges, has paid violent groups to commit these atrocities.

Terrorists use weapons such as incendiary – known as Molotov – bombs, and blunt objects.

Out of 156 attacks, 91 have been against public goods, including the headquarters of the Ombudsman’s Office, Inparques, Ministry of Housing and Housing, National Electric System, buses of various Governorates, Superintendence of Fair Prices, Supreme Court of Justice, Conatel; while another 65 correspond to housings, commercial premises, educational institutes, among others.

In recent days, the terrorist acts have intensified, generating at least two daily vandalic actions against entities in various states.