Sworn in new ministers for Transport, Industries and Internal Affairs

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, sworn in Wednesday Ricardo Molina, as the new minister of Land Transport and Public Works and Territorial Vice President for Socialism; Carlos Farias, as Minister of Industries; and Nestor Reverol as the new Minister for Interior relations, Justice and Peace.

“I want you to assume the commitment to devote in a disciplinary manner with the people to your inherent tasks in the dimensions of security and public peace, development of social happiness and the construction of a new anti-imperialist economic system,” said the Venezuelan President.

From the National Pantheon in a joint radio and television broadcast, the Head of State pointed out that the new designations guarantee the progress of the Bolivarian Revolution and reaffirm the commitment to the stability of the country.

He explained that each minister has a task assigned, “Major General Nestor Reverol, will take firm control of the public security of Venezuela, Safe Homeland, quadrants of peace and the OLP, we must ensure the national liberation from the criminal gangs “.

He noted that Ricardo Molina, will be committed to the construction of territorial and communal socialism as well as to expand public works of transportation throughout the country.

In the economic area Carlos Farias must continue the fight against the economic war waged by the right wing, as well as the promotion and deployment of the Great Mission Sovereign and Safe Supply.

The President said that all measures are founded on the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and should be executed for the welfare of all Venezuelans.

“We have been loyal and he dreams that have come true today, we are the bearers and guardians of the legacy of Chavez,” he added.