Support! 51% of Venezuelans support Maduro in fighting the economic war

Hace 1 año.

The latest Country Monitor study made by the Hinterlaces polling company argues that a 51% of Venezuelans validates the measures implemented by the Bolivarian Government, led by President Nicolas Maduro, to face and overcome the current economic situation due to the economic war characterized by hoarding and boycott of the distribution of basic necessities.

The results of this survey were released on Sunday by journalist José Vicente Rangel, in the closing of his “Confidential” segment of his “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today) program.

The field analysis made with base on 1,580 direct interviews across the country, from September 26 to October 4, points out that 51% of Venezuelans prefer the Government of President Maduro to be the one to solve the problems, instead of implementing an opposition Government.

The study also reveals that a 34% of respondents indicated not to have confidence on that the opposition would resolve the current economic problems as a result of the economic war. In addition the pollster says that another 19% of Venezuelans have little confidence in the opposition; while only a 10% of respondents indicated they were “very confident” in this sector.

In addition, the analysis of Hinterlaces indicates: “The positive assessment of the management of President Nicolas Maduro is rising, as well as the confidence on that he can solve the economic problems of the country (…) On the other hand, the confidence on that a opposition government can solve the economic crisis is falling down, as well as lowers the voting in favor of revoking the Presidential term. ”

The results of the survey were released this Sunday by journalist José Vicente Rangel, at the closing of the “Confidential” segment of his “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today) program.