Study: 84% of Venezuelans are in favor of dialogue

Hace 11 meses.

84% of people consulted in the most recent survey by the Hinterlaces pollster favored a possible dialogue between the National Government and the opposition, while a 13% rejected any kind of meeting between the two sectors, and a 3% did not responded.

In the study, presented by journalist José Vicente Rangel during the “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today) program, an 89% of those consulted expressed their disagreement with an eventual international intervention to get President Nicolas Maduro out of power, over a 9% who expressed in favor of a possible ousting of the Head of State.

A 63% of respondents considered that should be for awaited the Presidential elections of 2018, when the constitutional mandate of President Nicolás ends, while a 36% are inclined towards the immediate ousting of the current national leader.

In the survey 64% of the people expressed their concern about what will happen after a possible ousting of Maduro, contrary to a 30% who considered more important the cessation of duties of the Government in exercise.

The study, presented by Hintelaces, was conducted on the basis of 1,580 direct interviews in households across the country between May10 and 24 .