State of Emergency decree empowers Maduro to face attacks from any country

Hace 2 años.

The decree for a State of emergency empowers President Nicolas Maduro to face the attack of any country, said on Tuesday the deputy from the Homeland Bloc, Edwin Rojas.

“The Emergency Decree does not means militarization, but it does empowers the President to counter any attacks that may come from any other nation,” he said.

Rojas said that there are in the conutry silent attacks by paramilitary groups who obey orders that seek to alter international peace and security in Venezuela.

Alvaro Uribe asked on Thursday, May 12 from Miami, United States, that “democratic armed forces are put at the service of the opposition in Venezuela”. During his participation in the Concordia Summit, he said that in Venezuela should be replicated in the parliamentary Juridic Coup d’ Etat that removed Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff from office for 180 days.

Faced with this scenario, “We see that there is a clear threat against the national security, and for that reason the decree of state of emergency is justified, that is why President Maduro did not stayed idle and took these measures to protect our people and to overcome these difficulties which are not a secret for anyone”, said Rojas.

In an interview for the “El Desayuno” (The Breakfast) program, broadcast by VTV, he also called statements of Alvaro Uribe as “impudent and out of place. Secondly, they show the great frustration he had when he was President and he said he lacked time to go against Venezuela, and proves to the people that there is a major international campaign coordinated from Bogota, Washington and now from Buenos Aires, against the Venezuelan democracy ” .