Spanish media campaign seeks a military intervention in Venezuela

Hace 2 años.

The Spanish media campaign that has long been gestating against Venezuela, seeks a military intervention to control its wealth, as reiterated this Friday President Nicolas Maduro.

“It is a campaign to prepare what will never happen, but it is in the macabre minds of those who are planning it: To prepare an invasion, a military intervention to take over Venezuela and control our wealth,” denoucned the Head of State during the 16th Ministerial Council Meeting of PETROCARIBE, held at the headquarters of PDVSA La Campiña, in Caracas.

In that regard, he recalled that Venezuela is the people of Bolivar, and therefore, the ‘ghoulish minds’ know what will be the response of the Homeland of the Liberator “to this incredible folly that will never happen, but which we are obliged to denounce”.

He said that Libya, a country with the highest socio-economic development of Africa, was shattered, mired in abject poverty and division with three or four simultaneous governments after the military intervention of the US empire and its allies. “They have turned the Mediterranean into a large cemetery, these are the truths of these times, tragic truths of a chaotic policy that aims to rule the world when it is impossible for anyone to raise those goals.”

The Venezuelan President said he hopes the Spanish Government will respect the country “as much as we respect the right of others to develop their own models.”

Finally, he asked to preserve the Caribbean Sea as a territory of peace, cooperation, respect and brotherhood. “We have it, is the great treasure of ours, we have built it with our own hands, thanks to Hugo Chavez Frías, Fidel Castro and the capable, lucid and wise leadership of all countries of the South American Caribbean (…) Petrocaribe is a miracle, We must take care of it! “he said.