Social movements in the country participated in preparatory meeting for the 21st Mercosur Summit

Hace 1 año.

Various social movements in the country made life in the third preparatory meeting in the framework of the 21st Social Summit of Mercosur; this in order to guide Venezuela in the pro-tempore presidency of this body.

In the Community Hall of the Ministry of People’s Power for Communes and Social Movements they gathered to discuss and define the lines of national and international integration of all movements in South America in the Southern Common Market.

The historical goal of the peoples of the South is to consolidate the increased participation of social movements and organizations that add proposals related to the democratization of Mercosur, through human rights, the Commune, global struggle and international solidarity, social and solidarity economy.

Currently, Latin America goes through an economic, commercial and political crisis, where the Mercosur seeks to prioritize the integration and guarantee the social rights of citizens, to guarantee progress and social gains won in recent times.

Today the country seeks to expand the recognition and strengths of social movements, with the firm intention of promoting the People’s Power.

Marcos Medina, from the Bureau of International Cooperation, offered a balance of the work they have been doing with various social movements, with other international movements.

“We have convened meetings within the framework of the rules, and the countries of the triple alliance does not show interest in participating giving a very hostile response in that – from their position – the pro-tempore presidency of Mercosur is vacant”

In that sense, there are concerns by consequences of that the focal points, as is the Uruguayan people, have not manifested as desired. However, following the line of President Nicolas Maduro and the Chancellery of the Republic, will be given continuity with total normalcy to the pro-tempore presidency.

Nancy Bello, a member of the Women’s Movement for Rights, added: “It is a real actions, we are organized particularly for the rights to life, health, work, housing and education we have achieved in these years of Revolution “.

Bello reaffirmed that the commitment is to continue, “in terms of Power we want to be consulted and be part of the spaces; an example of that, to be attended in maternity wards the way we want, because it is our right “.

Finally, Julio Liendo, national spokesman for the movement of Citizens of the New Life, said the importance of integrating the issues of homelessness and consumption of psycho-active substances in Mercosur.

In generating political laws and plans of awareness and training for society, Liendo said that they “were rescued in Revolution, and that is why we must rescue as many people as possible of those who are on the streets”.

Liendo announced that they have a plan of approach in urbanisms to train people in this issue of drugs and thus counter capitalism that handles the major powers, which is very important to note at this summit “.