Shown in Belgium evidences of destabilization and terrorism by the right wing

Hace 10 meses.

The deputy for the Homeland Bloc, Tanía Díaz, announced on Monday that they are bringing the truth of Venezuela to the world, this time the space was the European Parliament, where have been held meetings with different parliamentary groups and spokesmen of the environmentalist coalition and of the United Left Wing.

From Brussels, in Belgium, she said that she is accompanied by Deputy Victor Clark to present evidences, testimonies and political argument that gives an account of what is really happening in the country, where opposing sectors have sowed violence and terror.

“It is expected that in the coming days spokesmen of the right wing will come to lie about Venezuela and to seek support for the adoption of interference measures that violate the national sovereignty, which seek to punish the Venezuelan people”, she said.

Through a contact via Skype with the Venezolana de Televisión TV station, the deputy said they “have had an excellent reception of parliamentary colleagues, grateful to hear another version and receive the political option that opens President Maduro with the National Constituent Assembly “.

Diaz added that European parliamentarians have expressed great interest in knowing the format of the National Constituent Assembly, which leaves no doubt on the Venezuelan democracy.

“We have come to counteract all the war propaganda they are promoting against Venezuela; against that lie we come to tell the truth, to make known the singing of the Venezuelan people”, She said.