Schémel: There is a conspiracy to undermine the Venezuelan Government

Hace 2 años.

Oscar Schemel, analyst and president of the Hinterlaces pollster company, manifested on Monday that there is an economic war, promoted by sectors of the national and entreprenurial right wing, that there is a conspiracy by these sectors in order to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution and break the constitutional and democratic order.

“There is a conspiracy afoot, there is a plan for neurosis and chaos of Venezuelan society, to cause a rupture of the established order. There are radical right-wing groups that are not betting on a democratic path to a democratic debate, a democratic competition to gain power. There are radical groups of the national and international right wing that are plotting to take the Chavismo off the Venezuelan society. That is there, is present”, he said.

The statements were issued in an interview in the “En Tras y Dos” (Between three and two) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Television.

The Venezuelan analyst added that “there are business groups that are betting on the solution of economic problems, there are business groups that are betting on deepening the economic crisis, as an instrument to pressure the exit of President Maduro. There is a national and international conspiracy to weaken not only the Venezuelan Government, but all progressive governments in Latin America. ”

In this regard, he said that Venezuela has the conditions to resolve the economic situation in the country, resulting from the abrupt downfall in oil prices.

“The country has the conditions, economic, material strengths, to face the crisis. It has not only the largest oil reserves in the world, which can be monetized, has a mineral wealth estimated in the trillions of dollars that can be monetized, has more than 70 billion dollars in assets abroad, which can be packaged in order to negotiate loans and financing lines, and that is the way to solve cash problems, as a result of the downfall of oil prices”, he said.