Saab: Public Ministry had become a big mafia

Hace 5 meses.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tareck William Saab, said this Thursday in the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) that the Public Prosecutor’s Office had become a big mafia to commit the most serious crimes of organized crime during the administration of Luisa Ortega Díaz.

“What should have been an instrument for justice, for institutional balance, to favor the humblest who are always those who are assailed and run over by the power, was becoming in the last decade, something different from what is the duty of being and what is in the Constitution and in the Organic Law of the Public Ministry and Citizen Power”, said Saab in the Protocolary Chamber of the Federal Legislative Palace, in Caracas.

He indicated that the most visible crimes of the old Mafia of the PM were extortion, influence peddling, commission charges and corruption. He denounced that Ortega Diaz did not cited the victims, for that she had a law firm that operated as an accomplice in corruption cases and extorted them.

He pointed out that this same firm appears as contractor for the most scandalous cases related to corruption offenses, as in the case of the Orinoco Oil Strip, as well as in the Odebrecht case.

In that sense, he informed that the owner of this law firm was charged by the Public Minstry for the alleged crimes of extortion, association to commit crimes and influence peddling.

“He is at the order of the justice deprived of freedom and will have to speak, now he has the opportunity that gives him a guarantor system of justice to explain. I think this person is key so that he unveils what had happened there for a decade”, he said.

He stressed that these corruption actions can not continue to happen under the new Public Prosecutor.