Roy Daza: There are no conditions for activation of Democratic Charter

Hace 2 años.

In Venezuela there are no conditions for the implementation of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, as pointed out Roy Daza, member of the International Commission of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), for being an instrument said requested by the States when producing a rupture of the constitutional order.

When interviewed on Union Radio, he recalled that the only time that was invoked the activation of this instrument was on April 12, 2002 during a meeting of foreign ministers in Costa Rica, in response to the decree of the de facto government of Pedro Carmona Estanga.

Daza commented that many of those who today make up the MUD and therefore the right wing parliamentary committee that traveled to the OAS to request the application of the Democratic Charter, participated in breaking the constitutional order. “They are requesting to apply what they were going to be applied to.”

The member of the International Commission of the PSUV criticized the position of Secretary of the OAS, Luis Almagro, who openly assumes himself as “the law that will rule the destiny of Venezuela”, and so he ordered him to submit his resignation to the seat he holds.

Moreover, he warned there are threats looming around Venezuela, at the meeting in Miami between the representative of President Barack Obama, the Secretary General of the OAS and former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe; in addition to the ratification of the executive decree against Venezuela.