Roy Chaderton: Ramos Allup made a fiasco in the OAS and lost the empire’s money

Hace 2 años.

“Mr. Ramos Allup just wasted his time (…) It was a fiasco by the opposition to come to Washington, and I would not say to lose their money, because that money was not theirs, that is a money paid by the empire, which invests in them to destabilize the Venezuelan democracy. ”

Thus, the ambassador of Venezuela to the UN, Roy Chaderton, analyzed the brutal defeat received by the adeco (Belonging to the Acción Democrática right wing party) Deputy Henry Ramos, current president of the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN) with a counter-revolutionary majority, who illegally attended on Thursday the headquarters OAS in Washington, invited by the meddlesome secretary of the agency, Luis Almagro.

During a telephone conversation with the “En Tres y Dos” (Between Three and Two) program broadcast by VTV, the Venezuelan high diplomat described the photograph that was widely circulated on the social networks, with which the netizens mocked the coup-plotting pretenses by Allup, who relied on the promise of Almagro of that it was going to be applied the “Inter-American Democratic Charter” against the Bolivarian Republic.

“Mr. Ramos Allup, as stated by the photo, had no other choice but to monitor what was happening in the Simón Bolívar Hall from an office of the Secretary General” he said. He explained that the right wing parliamentarian did not had access at any time to this hall from where holds office the Permanent Council of the OAS.

He warned that Almagro had put him in a protocol room, where Allup believed he could develop later a communicational theater regarding the decision that was never given, because most Member States decided to shelve the infamous report of the Secretary-General. Allup intended to become a media figure in the company of some characters that are fugitives or who have pending debts with the Venezuelan justice.

“He tried to assemble a kind of media show with the participation of some artists and journalists, worn out by the time and the evilness”, said sharply Chaderton.

The ambassador said that at the OAS, as well as in the UN, UNASUR, the European Union and other international bodies, the valid representatives who can intervene are personalities of the State, not parliamentarians, which have other scenarios.

“Ramos Allup knows this perfectly, but it was an adventure, because they came here with the fantasy, the illusion, of that they would depart from here with an Inter-American Democratic Charter applied against Venezuela, and it turned out they witnessed a putting of that instrument into the drawer”.

Finally, the Venezuelan ambassador commented that Almagro staged this Thursday his new infamy against the Bolivarian Republic, and dragged Ramos Allup to go down in history as another infamous, who portrayed very well the historic photograph of his defeat.