Roy Chaderton: Government raises the dialogue for peace

Hace 2 años.

The Former Ambassador of Venezuela to the Organization of American States, Roy Chaderton, reiterated on Sunday that the political agenda of President Nicolas Maduro is raised in the dialogue, which has been evidenced during the calling to the Venezuelan opposition to speak in favor of peace.

“Dialogue is the policy of the Government of Venezuela, of President Maduro”, said Chaderton in an interview with the “Dialogo con Carlos Croes” (Dialogue with Carlos Croes) program, which was broadcast on Sunday by Televen.

He noted that this reality contrasts with the one presented by the self-called Democratic Unity Board, which in his opinion, refuses to accept the invitation of the Venezuelan President. “It is a project proposed by the opposition, which does not talk about this subject,” assured Chaderton.

He stressed that such dialogue initiatives also have the support of the Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations, Ernesto Samper, the former Presidents Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero from Spain; Leonel Fernandez from the Dominican Republic and Martin Torrijos from Panama.

He also rejected the permanent attacks from the right wing to the National Electoral Council (CNE). “This organism is being constantly accused of being an accomplice of electoral frauds, and it is precisely that same CNE which has validated their victories to the opposition, including the parliamentary elections.”