Rodriguez rejects Allup’s violent statements against the Supreme Court and pregnant women

Hace 2 años.

During his “La Política en el Divan” (Politics on the divan) program, the Mayor of Caracas, Jorge Rodriguez, referred to a press conference held last Monday by Henry Ramos Allup with various journalists (mostly from the opposition), where he revealed his violent and demeaning position against the public authorities and the Venezuelan people.

“When Ramos Allup refers to the judges of the Supreme Court, he does it by using adjectives such as “thugs, thieves, mobsters”. What he communicates is very far from the necessary language to establish a frank and sincere dialogue, he is violent”, said Rodriguez.

He also noted that Allup told the media that pregnant women “were not entitled to any procedural benefit”.

“I definitely that man is not thinking of nothing, by God, he is offline. He is too eager to be President, May God gets us confessed” he said.

Rodriguez also denied that journalists in the private media showed in a complacent manner towards Allup to these statements that represent an extreme form of violence.

Regarding the revoking referendum, he said that the mechanism through which was attempted the activation of this request, represents the largest fraud committed in Venezuela.

“The revoking referendum is to be discussed with the laws of the Republic, the Constitution and with the rules and mechanisms established by the National Electoral Council,” he said.