Rodríguez: Peace will come with the coexistence agreement between Government and Opposition

Hace 5 meses.

The Mayor of the Libertador Municipality and representative of the dialogue by the National Government, Jorge Rodríguez, assured that in Venezuela peace will come in the next days, with the signing of the agreement of coexistence between the Bolivarian Government and the Venezuelan Opposition; after the meetings that have held both political parties in recent months and after the events that occurred in the country, for more than 100 days of violence led by the Venezuelan ultra right wing, leaving as a result 132 people killed, burned alive, and thousands of losses for all citizens of the country”, with a single goal: to overthrow the Government, that’s how the ANC is born”, recalled Rodríguez.

From his program “La Política en el Divan” (Politics in the Divan) No. 74, he said that the country will once again demonstrate the vocation of Peace by voting in the next regional elections to be held this October 15, where “those who generated violence, today they change their ties and they are candidates”.

The leader of Chavismo attributes to the talks and the progress of the dialogue, the candidacies of the opposition leaders who call today to vote, the burgomaster stressed that the act of voting will demonstrate the truth in Venezuela about democracy that is lived and left in evidence the real dictatorships in the world, he asked himself “What is the dictatorship and the democracy? each vote will tell Donald Trump, Michel Temer and Juan Manuel Santos, do not mess into the affairs of Venezuela (…) You can think whatever you want, but when you go out this Sunday to vote you will be saying yes to peace; this Sunday we are going to vote for the peace and by sovereignty of Venezuela “.