Rodriguez on amnesia law: Right wing approved a political and legal aberration

Hace 2 años.

The Leader of the Homeland Bloc of the Fatherland in the National Assembly (NA), Hector Rodriguez, said on Tuesday that the right wing bench of the Parliament, approved in second debate a law that promotes violence and which is unconstitutional.

“Today they have adopted a political and legal aberration, what they call a law of national reconciliation has absolutely nothing of a reconciliation, with an arrogant attitude, with an aggressive speech, starting from the violent events that have occurred in recent years in the country that have put us on the brink of a civil war”, he said.

He also stated that the law is unenforceable due to the illegal manner in which it was approved. “We can not apply a law that violates all the other Venezuelan laws, the Constitution, human rights, international treaties. We can not apply a law that defends corrupts, crooks, murderers, terrorists, because it is also a law that has not met the minimum legal processes to be activated, because there was no national consultation “.

“Leopoldo Lopez is responsible for 43 deaths, murders, the “guarimbas” (street riot barricades) of 2014, of all the wounded ones. and the majority of us Venezuelans have no doubt about that. Unfortunately we have a NA that has given their backs to the country. We have not seen any laws that would help eliminate the queues, the shortages, the inflation, but quite the contrary, we have seen an attitude that defends the interests of political groups”, said the Socialist deputy.