Rodriguez: It is time for the right wing to play clean politics

Hace 2 años.

The coordinator of the Commission for the Verification of signatures, Jorge Rodriguez, called this Monday on the Venezuelan opposition to “play clean politics” that in the context of the report submitted by the National Electoral Council where are evidenced a series of fraudulent actions committed during the process of collection of a 1% rubrics to process the request for a referendum.

He said it is very important that the whole Venezuela is clear about what the National Electoral Council announced today, because the opposition media have assumed the task of saying that it was approved the request made by the Democratic Unity Board (MUD) .

He explained that when it was presented the request for a revoking referendum, -which, by the way, was presented out of proper time-, a number of illegitimate and fraudulent acts were initiated.

“I am making a call, because it is time to definitively stop, if they want to participate in politics they have to do it cleanly, they can not participate playing both sides, making dirty deeds, dabbling in violence”, added Rodriguez.

The also leader of the PSUV stressed that Capriles and other members of the MUD were determined to give a coup d’ etat and have generated an economic war that they sought to use as a pretext in order not to start the activation process of the revoking referendum in a legal manner before the competent bodies.

He explained that it can not be ignored the fraud by the right wing of submitting to the Electoral Power the signatures of more than 10,000 dead people, more than a thousand prisoners, including signatures of underage minors and the usurpation of identities.

“They had 30 days to collect 195 thousand signatures, and there began the fraudulent moments, in three days they said they collected 3 million signatures and ended up delivering 1,900,000 signatures, and the CNE according to the minutes could verify 300,000 signatures” , he said.

Rodriguez said that out of the total, 607,000 signatures did not met the requirements established by the CNE, “10,995 dead people signed, it is very difficult for someone to come out of the grave and then return to the sarcophagus, (there are) 10,000 invented ID cards that do not exist in the registry “.

The leader explained that each of the crimes committed shall be submitted to the competent Venezuelan authorities, all that in addition to the proceedings of protection before the Supreme Court of Justice.