Rodríguez: It is dialogue that prevails in the peace process

Hace 5 meses.

Jorge Rodríguez, head of the delegation from the Bolivarian Government sent to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, for political dialogue, stressed the importance of the process with representatives of the opposition, after the second day of meetings.

“The conversation process flows and today it has gone much better. It is the dialogue that prevails in the peace process. It is a dialogue of peace that is set up so that Venezuela can resolve its political affairs between all Venezuelans”, said Rodriguez upon his departure from the Chancellery of the Dominican Republic.

He informed that friendly countries will join the talks, during the next meeting to be held on September 27 on Dominican soil.

“We have agreed on some countries to accompany this process of dialogue, we have advanced in important points of the work agenda and we have already formally convened for next September 27 here in the Dominican Republic … I think this has been the opportunity in which we have more firmly and more clearly come to an agreement”, he said.

“What really creates tranquility, convergence and agreements is dialogue, and this peace dialogue shows that President Nicolás Maduro was not wrong when from the very month of February 2016 he comes calling for this dialogue of peace”, he emphasized.

He added that the delegation of the Bolivarian Government expects the opposition to issue a statement in the coming hours regarding the process of dialogue.

He stressed on the desire of both delegations to fruition the process of political dialogue, despite the aggressions against the Homeland of Bolivar emanated from the imperial Government of Donald Trump.

On this topic, the President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, supported the progress of the dialogue process, ensuring that the second day of meetings culminated with better results than its predecessor.