Rodríguez: Government has maintained willingness to dialogue as a path to peace

Hace 1 año.

The Revolutionary leader and Mayor of Caracas, Jorge Rodríguez, said this Sunday that the National Government has always maintained a willingness to dialogue with sectors of the opposition as the only path to peace.

The also representative of the Government’s dialogue commission made this statement during an interview in the “José Vicente Hoy” (Jose Vicente Today) program, broadcast by a private TV station.

Rodríguez said that dialogue is a complex process and part of the complexities lie in the divisions that characterize the self-called Board of Democratic Unity (MUD), where has a greater weight the stance of parties prone to violence and contrary to dialogue.

Division within the MUD:

Jorge Rodríguez added that in the so-called Board of Democratic Unity (MUD), “there is a deep division within the leadership of the Venezuelan right wing” (…) They have planted a matrix of hatred in a sector of those who follow it, that makes them impervious to any process of reasoning, to any political reasoning, to any process of sitting with adversaries to reach a series of agreements. “