Rodriguez: Coup plotting right wing found commitment to peace of the revolutionary people

Hace 2 años.

“The coup plans of the sectors of the right wing that intends to use the figure of the referendum to sow violence, have met the immense vocation for peace of the people of Venezuela”.

The statement was made by the spokesman for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, during a press conference held on Monday from the Quinta Anauco, located in San Bernardino, Caracas.

Rodriguez explained that a simple procedure such as the collection of signatures to begin the process of activating the reviking referendum against President Nicolas Maduro was complicated by the opposition in order to cause unrest and violence in the streets, to which he added the fact that a large number of signatures collected to trigger the referendum contain defects such as the appearance of signatures of dead people, sheets without fingerprints and repeated signatures.

“The right wing knows that it is impossible for a referendum to be made this year, this is a kind of varnish for the Coup d’ Etat they are being ordered to do”, he said.

However, the spokesman of the PSUV stressed the determination of the Bolivarian Government to forcefully stop any coup that violates “the rule of law and democracy in Venezuela, whatever may think the leadership of this desperate right wing and the external factors that direct them, such as former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and the Madrid-Washington axis”.

In his remarks, Rodriguez explained that the verification process will dismantle the truth being hidden by the right wing, “it is very important for the people to know what is really going on,” he added.