Road to the Constituent is irreversible

Hace 11 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said this Sunday that the road to the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) is irreversible.

“I only say with an absolute love and loyalty for my Commander Hugo Chavez, I ratify that the National Constituent Assembly is irreversible, nothing and nobody will stop it, I go for the Constituent as I go for the very life of the country. Let no one have any doubts, the Constituent will go on, come rain, thunder or lightning”, stressed the Head of State during his program “Los Domingos con Maduro” (Sundays with Maduro).

He stressed that once installed the ANC, it proposes to establish a Great Commission of Truth and Justice, where they seek the forgiveness, reparation of victims, pacification and the union of Venezuelans.

He urged the revolutionary people to place the cornerstone of the ANC, as the only way to guarantee the peace and tranquility of the country. “Let us go to victory by way of popular vote. Yes to Votes, No to bullets”, he concluded.