Right wing intensifies violence because it has mortgaged Venezuela

Hace 9 meses.

“The leaders of the right wing do not agree to a peaceful exit and within the Constitution because they could not fulfill what they have offered to those who have financed them from the outside, they have mortgaged Venezuela and its wealth with the great financial centers and the international oligarchy “.

The statement was made on Monday by the member of the Presidential Commission for the Constituent Assembly, Aristóbulo Istúriz, during his participation in a conversation about the Constituent National Assembly (ANC) in Anzoátegui state, where he reported that recently has just been discussed in the US Senate a bill to approve an additional $ 20 million to the opposition.

“The violence will not lower it, they will intensify it because what they want is the overthrow of Nicolás Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution. They would have to burst the country and burst all the rights conquered by the people (…) let nobody have any doubt that if anything happens to all the rights that have been achieved in Revolution will go to hell”, he said.

The Minister for Communes and social protection, added that the opposition leadership has ignored any agreement reached with the Bolivarian Government at the tables of dialogue and even expelled from their ranks the representatives who participated in the talks. Given this scenario and after exhausting all the means for a political dialogue, the Head of State was obliged to convene the National Constituent Assembly, in order to seek the only democratic, peaceful and revolutionary way to confront violence.