Right wing executes in Venezuela a continued untraditional Coup d’Etat

Hace 2 años.

Diosdado Cabello, Deputy to the National Assembly by the Homeland Block, said on Monday that in Venezuela the right executes a nontraditional continued Coup D’Etat, which has the support of the United States.

“This coup goes from putting as manifest an economic, psychological warfare, of campaigns, where good things are meant as bad, and they have unleashed a way to bring our people to the limit for our people to go out to protest,” said Cabello during an interview at the “Siete Preguntas” (Seven Questions) program broadcast by Telesur.

The also Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, explained that it is a non-traditional Coup, because hardly they would have the support of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), but the idea is to oust President Maduro by unconstitutional means, “as they are executing it since he came into Presidency”.

In this sense, he put as an example what happened in Brazil, Paraguay, Honduras and other countries where the right wing has driven its non-constitutional methods, and the non-traditional coup in order to get rid of leaders who are not liked by the empire.

“We here in Venezuela have already the experience of year 2002 where the people reacted to the Coup d’ Etat in an extraordinary way, accompanied by the FANB and in defense of the Bolivarian Constitution. These are the same faces, the same parties, the same media, the same business groups, it is the same plot that tries to oust President Maduro”, said Cabello.