Regional elections will be held on October 15

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The next regional elections will be set for October 15 this year, information provided by the Main Rector of the National Electoral Council, Tania D’Amelio through her Twitter account.

Tania D’amelio
“Elections of Governors to be held on October 15
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7:13 p.m. – 11 Sep. 2017

D’Amelio announced that the electoral campaign will begin on September 23, and ends on October 12 at 12 midnight.

Tania D’amelio
“#RegionalElections2017 The election campaign will start on September 23 and ends on October 12 at 12 am.”
7:17 p.m. – 11 Sep. 2017

In a press release published on the website of the Electoral Power, was announced that the schedule of activities for the 2017 regional elections will be available from this Tuesday, September 13.

According to the information source, this activity will allow the voters to know the offer of candidates, as well as to practice the voting exercise that will also start on September 23 and culminates this next October.

It was possible to know that for these regional elections, previous activities were carried out, such as the act of choosing a position on the ballot, on August 17, and the Audit of the Electoral Register (RE), on August 16, in which 18 organizations for political purposes, whose representatives did not opposed observations, as indicated in the audit report signed by all the participants.

The electoral roll that will be used for this event is the one corresponding to the court of July 15 last and will be published this Tuesday, September 12.

In the selection of Governors for the 23 states of the country, 18,094,065 voters enrolled in the Electoral Register will be able to participate. Electors and voters of the Capital District are not included, because this federal entity has a special regime of Government, which does not contemplate the election of a Governor.

The audits will continue with the voting machine software, which will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the participation of the technical representatives of the organizations for political purposes that participate in these elections.

As it will be remembered, this audit has as objectives to verify that the programming of the voting machine corresponds to the function that must be fulfilled on the day of the election, at the moment in which the elector proceeds to exercise his right to vote, and that the machine reflects the will of the elector; as well as to demonstrate that the evaluations and verifications carried out can not be changed and that the applications reviewed and verified in the audit are the same that will be used in all the machines that will be used in the elections.