REDI, ZODI, GNB and State police corps fine-tune details to reinforce security plans

Hace 3 meses.

The Minister for Interior, Justice and Peace, Néstor Luis Reverol, informed on Wednesday that he held a meeting with the heads of the REDI, ZODI, Bolivarian National Guard, State Police Corps, Heads of Delegations of the CICPC and Bolivarian Militia with the aim of Define strategies for the country’s security.

Accompanied by the General in Chief and Minister for Defense Vladimir Padrino López and the Commanders of the CEOFANB, he explained that are advancing in a Strategic Plan to strengthen the Peace Quadrants, the surveillance and intelligent patrols system of the Great Mission Socialist Justice.

Through his account on the Twitter social network, he also stressed that they will continue working and coordinating the actions that are necessary to defend democratic stability and guarantee peace in the country.