Ramos Allup asks for international support for a Coup d’ Etat

Hace 2 años.

The President of the National Assembly (AN), Henry Ramos Allup, called on Tuesday for international help to give a Coup d’ Etat against the legitimate Government of President Nicolas Maduro.

“For us it is welcome any help, any contribution, any collaboration of any kind”, said Ramos in a news conference broadcast by Globovision from the headquarters of the National Assembly, during a ceremony welcoming the Spanish deputy Albert Rivera.

Ramos also pointed out that other countries “Have expressed their willingness to give their contribution and all the help” for the action of a Coup d’ Etat that the chairman of the Parliament sells as “A democratic, constitutional, peaceful and electoral solution”.

In March this year, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, stood before the action of a Coup d’ Etat by calling for an election of a “legitimate” Government in Venezuela.

That same month, Obama decided to extend the decree of threat against Venezuela, in an action succeeded by an escalade of financial, media and diplomatic aggressions against the Bolivarian nation.

President Nicolas Maduro warned last May 17 that the situation being lived in the country, mainly caused by the downfall in oil prices and the economic warfare, is used by internal political factors to intensify their actions against democracy, with the support of political and economic sectors that operate from the Miami-Bogotá-Madrid axis.