Psychological warfare aims to generate conflict

Hace 10 meses.

Fernando Giuliani, a social psychologist, said this Monday that what the psychological warfare does is to prevent problems from being solved and create conflicts. Thus he explained during his participation in the First International Forum of Psychology, held at the “Antonio José Of Sucre” Yellow House, seat of the Venezuelan Chancellory, in Caracas.

He also noted that there is an unconventional war that aims to overthrow governments, by generating conditions where the population itself is responsible for that government to collapse, so that in his view “there is not a single declared enemy,  but the very population in itself” ”

He stressed that for the development of both wars is being sold the image that in the country where it is implemented there is a dictatorship, using communications as a fundamental weapon, with the sole purpose of generating the destabilization of the Government “and that is what we are seeing in Venezuela”, he said.

Finally, he stressed that Venezuela is a victim of this kind of war because it is Latin American and oil-producing country that has been building a Socialist Revolution.