Proposals! Mayors assume boosting the economy and the communes

Hace 3 meses.

The candidate for the Mayorship of San Rafael de Onoto in Portuguesa state, Kleismer Castillo, said on Monday that within its proposals is the boost of the productive sector of the municipality that has been undermined by the current management.

During the “Al Aire” (On Air) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, he indicated that they “are working to generate new proposals and raise them to the governor and to President Maduro.”

He indicated in the same way that they will work for the communal development that includes the four communes that make life in the municipality.

On the other hand, Wisely Álvarez, candidate to the Guaicaipuro municipality of Miranda state, said that within her proposals she is supplying the transportation supply not only for those who integrate the system, but for all the users.

“We have met with the sector, we are going to help them and they are committed to respect the agreements that we have in the table regarding the fares of ticket collection,” she said.

The Candidate pointed out that they will work hand in hand with the Governor of Miranda to reinvigorate the entire productive and economic system of the municipality that includes public services and self-management to solve the needs of all sectors.