Process of renewal of parties before the CNE will start on Feb-18

Hace 1 año.

The process of renewal of organizations for political purposes before the National Electoral Council (CNE) will begin on February 18 and will end on April 23.

For the process, the Electoral Power will activate 390 points throughout the country, which will work seven hours a day to allow the validation of the militants of the 59 parties that have to attend the renewal process, according to a press release from the body.

In this process are participating political organizations that did not participate in the last two electoral processes, or that did not reach a vote equivalent to 1% of the votes cast in those elections.

In this regard, will be taken into account the parties that did not participate or did not exist for the parliamentary elections of 2010 and the political organizations that participated in the elections held in 2015, adds the note.

In this process, each political party will have two days for the collection of manifestations of will of its members.

The Electoral Register to be taken into account is the one used for the last elections, this is; the parliamentary elections of 2015.