Private TV stations owners are involved in coup plans

Hace 2 años.

Owners of private media such as Televen, Globovision and Venevision are again involved in an attempted coup d’etat against the Bolivarian Government, as denounced on Wednesday night Diosdado Cabello.

“I say it responsibly, -in 2002- we defeated them, and now we are going to defeat them back again, the only difference will be the treatment that you (media owners) will receive” warned the also Vice President of United Socialist Party of Venezuela ( PSUV) in his television program “Con el Mazon Dando” (Hitting with the hammer) broadcast by VTV.

He noted that the private media invent any opinion matrix to make it into a truth to the world. “Here the media, and thanks to the power they have, have made many people believe that the victims of the “La Salida” (The exit) plan are not the 43 dead people, but the monster of Ramo Verde -Leopoldo Lopez-” he added.

Finally, he reiterated the owners of said media are stuck in a coup plan, “I assume it, with complete names”.