Presidential Commission will design plan to strengthen decolonizing thought

Hace 1 año.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said this Wednesday that will be formed a Presidential commission for the execution of a decolonizing plan, in order to highlight the Venezuelan historical and cultural knowledge.

“We Venezuelans used to reproduce the ideology that the settlers shaped in our minds, we reproduced the contempt and racism”.

From Plaza Venezuela, President Maduro said the plan is “To decolonize in culture, in education, in economics, in the arts, in the everyday life. If we want to be truly free and independent we must decolonize our minds, our language, our words, what we feel, what we say, truly free men and women. ”

This way, the President appointed the Minister of People’s Power for Indigenous Peoples, Aloha Nuñez, as the main figure of the plan. “Starting from today, the Ministry for Indigenous Peoples will also be the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples and National Decolonization to assume the task of the decolonization of our country, the total, integral, complete and absolute decolonization of Venezuela”.

Likewise, he made a call on the Latin American countries to join this decolonizing plan and thus create a commission at national and international levels.

“Let’s gather all the strength of the roots, starting a great journey of decolonization calling on all the intellectuals of Our Americas, to create a great plan of cultural, educational, ecological, political, economic decolonization”.