President of TSJ repudiates terrorist actions against the DEM headquarters in Chacao

Hace 8 meses.

Judge Maikel Moreno, President of the Supreme Court of Justice, again categorically rejects and repudiates all the attacks and terrorist acts that have been committed in recent days against the headquarters of the Executive Directorate of the Judiciary, administrative body of the Venezuelan Judiciary Power, located in the Chacao municipality of the Bolivarian state of Miranda.

TSJ Press / In the afternoon hours of this Monday, June 12, a group of about 80 terrorists again assaulted the headquarters of the Executive Directorate of the Magistrature, with a much more aggressive attack than before, getting to set it on fire on the inside, forcing to evict more than 2,500 people among workers and users who were inside.

Thanks to the actions of the security personnel and the volunteer workers, accompanied by the Executive Director of the Judiciary, Dr. Jesse Arias, who also rejects the acts against the DEM, was managed to control the fire, however, the effect of the flames had already caused serious damages, even of a structural nature, both in the institution as in the bank agency located at the top section of the building’s entrance.

It is noteworthy that during the 4 hours that lasted the attack, there was no presence of the municipal police corps, allowing the anti-socials to act at their leisure along the Francisco de Miranda avenue, evidencing that it was a group of violent persons whose purpose is to end the institutionality and affect the 33,000 workers of the Judicial Branch of the country and thus affect the Justice System.

Faced with these vandalism, Judge Maikel Moreno, President of the Supreme Court of Justice, reiterates his commitment to the citizens and expresses solidarity with the workers of the Judiciary Power, as well as with the Fire Department and officials of Civil Protection who attended the site, while guaranteeing the continuity of the service in the provision of the service nationwide, and ratifies the call for dialogue, peace, tolerance and respect between all Venezuelans.