President Maduro: We will neutralize perverse and painful effects of economic warfare

Hace 2 años.

In a national joint radio and television broadcast on Monday, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, manifested that the launching of the new Mission Sovereign Supply aims to raise the battle against the speculative phenomena that promote the shortages.

“The activation of this Great Mission will assume the challenges of this new stage and advance in the neutralization of all the perverse, sometimes painful effects of the economic war against our people,” said the National Chief from Miraflores Palace.

In this regard, he announced that from several states of the country such as Miranda, Cojedes, Portuguesa, Caracas, Falcon, Apure, Mérida, Carabobo, Aragua, Yaracuy, among others, will start this stage of strengthening the Bolivarian Economic Agenda.

Likewise, the Head of State congratulated Venezuela for its peaceful attitude in recent months where there has been more intense a lashing out against the people with shortages and speculation.

Regarding the attitude that has had the right wing to address the economic situation that exists today, the President said that in the most difficult times in which it was decided to launch the economic emergency decree, the opposition in the National Assembly “has refused one, two, three, four times, they did not want to support the economy plan”.

“Despite all the negatives, we have installed the National Economic Council, which has been successful, an instance of participation of all sectors of the economy. I congratulate to the whole team for their commitment and perseverance, “he said.