President Maduro: We want in Colombia to be real peace

Hace 1 año.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, reiterated the Government of Colombia that it has the full support of the Venezuelan nation and its people, to continue building peace in the neo-granadine nation.

“We do not want to be there for a picture to be taken, what we want is to have real peace and for the agreements to be respected, and not for them to go to kill the guerrilla movements that are being pacified, as they did with the Patriotic Union. Hopefully there will be peace for real (…) and may not the oligarchy go violating the agreements and assassinate the leaders; hopefully, for Colombia “.

The head of State by recalling the actions of Giant Chavez to achieve peace in the neighboring country, said that Colombia should erect a monument to the world leader because this peace process to be signed on September 26, is a legacy of his.

“For Colombia our respect and our love, and all we can do for peace,” said President Maduro considering that the Colombian nation – in the future, when peace consolidation and agreements are respected, should erect a monument to Commander Chavez, in appreciation of his participation in this process which is so important for Colombia, Latin America and the world.