President Maduro: We must form an economic model of productivity, efficiency and diversification

Hace 1 año.

From the Main Auditorium of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) in Caracas, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, presented the Annual Message to the people, taking a balance of the work done in 2016 by the Revolutionary Government in the  Social and Economic scopes.

He stressed that one of the main economic achievements was the implementation of the 15 engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, and said that it continues to deepen and advance in each of them in function of an integrated development of the Venezuelan economy.

In terms of petrochemicals Maduro said that a new phase of restructuring of Pequiven has begun, and it made a recognition to its workers, who with their commitment have assumed a work of loyalty and responsibility in the front of the strengthening of this important motor.

The President highlighted the efforts made by the Venezuelan Government to face the mafias that have taken advantage of the gasoline business on the border, affecting the Venezuelan people. “There are already operational stations that will sell gasoline legally in international currency on the Colombian-Venezuelan border”, he said.

“Venezuela reserves the international actions before all the organisms of the world for the violation of the laws of the commerce and the promotion of the contraband of its main product that is gasoline”, he informed.

The National President affirmed that there is a need to transform the foundations of the economy in Venezuela, all the plans and measures taken by the Bolivarian Government point to this direction.

“We are convinced that if we do not form another economic model with the hope and strength of the future, another in terms of productivity, efficiency and diversification we will not be able to overcome, what Chávez defined as the barrier of no return. This is how the Power Venezuela is born, a country capable of productively shielding itself to meet the needs of our people”, he said.

Maduro stressed that 2016 was a year of battles, in which Venezuela continues overcoming. “Despite an internal economic war, along with the international financial sieges that have managed to detract from the income of the country’s currency, we are still surpassing, we prove that we are stronger and more powerful than any difficulty, nothing and nobody can stops us”, he said.