President Maduro: We have new plans to overcome the unconventional warfare against Venezuela

Hace 2 años.

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), must continue by the side of the Venezuelan people conquering peace, civic-military union, said on Saturday the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, during the act of promotion and transfer of power held in Fort Tiuna, Caracas.

“We have new civic-military plans of the highest political, institutional and constitutional levels, to advance and overcome the unconventional warfare, the economic warfare they have fired against our people for more than two years and provide economic, social stability and political peace in this country that has everything to overcome on the path of independence, this is the main task in conjunction with the people”, detailed the Head of State.

He also reiterated that Venezuela has a strengthened FANB that is ready to ensure the overall defense of the Fatherland.

“I believe, and thus I have said this in work meetings, that today we have the best FANB that Venezuela has had since the time of the Liberators, from the strategic, doctrinaire view, from the values, morals, discipline, the military organization, the operational readiness of the weapon system. We are ready to conquer peace and for nobody to mess with Venezuela, we will not allow any invading army to touch this land, every day we need to be stronger, more prepared, taking care of our country through the land, by sea, by air”, said the President.