President Maduro urged opposition sectors to cease violence

Hace 9 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed on Tuesday that the so-called Board of democratic Unity (MUD), “got out of their hands” the call for violence and actions of terrorist groups, which up to date have left a balance of 45 people killed and 900 injured.

“The violent groups and their call to violence went out of the hands of the MUD’s leadership, and now we are at risk that those groups may even turn back on themselves”, warned the Head of State from the headquarters of the Council National Electoral, where he presented the proposals of the electoral bases for the National Constituent Assembly.

He recalled the attack on young man Carlos Ramírez, who was attacked by violent demonstrators of the Venezuelan opposition last Thursday, May 18, in Altamira, Caracas. They burned him, caused him wounds in the chest area with knives, and he was repeatedly told that he must die “for being a Chavista.”

Also yesterday, 51 transport units (buses) from TransBolivar, which served some 30,000 Venezuelans, were set ablaze; an act that resulted in two people being arrested. In this regard, the President reported that he authorized the replacement of 30 buses for Bolivar state.

They also attacked three Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI healthcare clinics) in Baruta and Carrizales municipalities, which served the Venezuelan people every day. For these actions these healthcare centers were closed until further notice, said the President.

“Are these the ways in which we will resolve differences of any kind that may exist between Venezuelan men and women? Who did brought that violence, intolerance and hatred to Venezuela?. We had never seen that in our lives!” He said.

He stressed that all these events should lead the Venezuelans to generate awareness and a great spiritual force of values.

“Either the violent triumph, with their indiscriminate intolerance, with their hatred and violence, or we triumph, we the Venezuela that wants to work, that wants democracy, The Venezuela that wants a Constituent. May each one get defined2, said the President.

He reiterated his call for the opposition leaders of the MUD to cease violence, and invited to dialogue and join the Constituent process, the only way to peace.