President Maduro: This quarter will be to strengthen the economy in the country

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said on Monday that the next quarter (April, May and June), will be to secure the political stability in the country, and to advance its economic recovery.

“April, May and June, a quarter of work, one quarter of recovery and to gain ground in the Homeland, a quarter to strengthen political stability, for the economic recovery”, said the Head of State from Miraflores Palace, where he meet in the Vice Presidents Council.

In this regard, he stressed that it is being working in the agendas of economy, of social happiness, of missions and great missions, on the plans of the Homeland congress, and in the international scope, to advance in the agreements and actions to be executed.

“In the international agenda, regarding the economic field, we are specifying agreements in the areas of mining, of tourism, finances, industry and agriculture, with our brothers from China, Russia, India, Brazil , South Africa and Cuba”.