President Maduro reiterates to spokesmen of the MUD call to constituent dialogue

Hace 11 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reiterated on Thursday the commitment to the national dialogue, framed in the constituent process, and reiterated the call to the main representatives of the self-called Board of democratic Unity (MUD) to join in.

“I made it. I make a call for the cessation of violence. I reaffirm my call to dialogue and put my name and surname on it. Manuel Rosales, head of the “Un Nuevo Tiempo” party, Henry Ramos Allup, political leader of “Acción Democrática”, Henry Falcón, political chief of “Avanzada Progresista”, Julio Borges, head of “Primero Justicia”. (…) I call on you again for a dialogue for life and for peace. A great dialogue for the Constituent Assembly”.

President Maduro expressed his confidence that different opposition actors will run for election to the new ANC, which will help consolidate the main objective of this initiative, which is to maintain the peace and stability of the nation.

“The electoral bases of the Constituent Assembly are extraordinary. (…) I know that already dozens of opposition leaders are going to enroll as candidates, I hope that the main leaders of the right wing will register, (…) they are afraid to do so, because they know that despite all the errors, nowadays the Revolution will win any election. ”

Likewise, the Head of State called on the opposition leaders to join the democratic mood in the next regional elections, announced by the National Electoral Council for next December 10.