President Maduro participated in ceremony in tribute to Jorge Rodriguez father

Hace 2 años.

President Nicolas Maduro participated in the tribute paid to Jorge Rodriguez (father), who was killed during the “puntofijismo” (*) 40 years ago due to his struggles for just causes and the vindication of the people, against the exclusive and traitorous policies of the governments of the time.

Caracas Mayor, Jorge Rodriguez and the Chancellor of the Republic, Delcy Rodriguez led the ceremony where they remembered the revolutionary struggles made by their father.

Jorge Rodriguez (son) said that the event is an act “Of the revolution, of the true left wing, the left wing that builds the Homeland, of the left wing which opposes the rudest imperialism who has known the history of mankind.”

During the tribute, Chancellor Delcy Rodriguez read a letter sent by José Vicente Rangel, in which he stressed on these words of Jorge Rodriguez father: “Let them know that we are not afraid of death, that we will not give or ask for a rendition, that we will take the fight for socialism to its ultimate consequences. ”

This act was held at the premises of the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, the Head of State was accompanied by the first fighter Cilia Flores.



(*) Refers to the history period belonging to the so-called “Pact of Punto Fijo”, where the two leading right-wing parties of the fourth republic sealed an internal pact in order to take turns into the presidency of the country.