President Maduro: Oligarchy of the Fourth Republic used terrorism to dominate

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, participated on Tuesday in the ceremony of delivery of the remains of social activists missing in the Fourth Republic, held at the National Theatre, in Caracas, where he highlighted the patriotism and bravery of martyrs such as Fabricio Ojeda, to whom he described as “One of the most courageous and outstanding young leaders of that time.”

Likewise, the National President highlighted the example of Venezuelan martyrs in the struggle that today keeps battling the Bolivarian Revolution against the unpatriotic right wing.

In a national radio and television joint broadcast, President Maduro said that “imperialism bestializes the human being, and makes it into the most brutal murderer”.

He said that “Oligarchy used terrorism and violence as a way to maintain their domination.”

“Who can deny that Ramos Allup is a son of Puntofijismo (*)” ?, said the Venezuelan President.

Moreover, he ordered to radicalize and strengthen the fight against criminal gangs. “We need to strengthen the OLPs thoroughly with the people’s intelligence.”


(*): Refers to the “Pacto de Punto Fijo” (Punto Fijo Pact), which was an agreement between the two leading right wing parties of the Fourth Republic, to alternate on governing and maintaining control of the Nation.