President Maduro met with Chancellor from Colombia

Hace 2 años.

On the afternoon of Thursday, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, held a meeting with the Chancellor of Colombia, Maria Angela Holguin, to address issues concerning the construction of a border of peace between both nations.

At the meeting were also present the Venezuelan Chancellor, Delcy Rodríguez, and the first fighter woman, Cilia Flores, as reported Presidential Press on its website.

Previously, Rodriguez and Holguin had met to assess these issues in the common zone.

The Colombian Chancellor arrived on Thursday to the capital city accompanied by an entourage of 20 people who have worked closely with the Venezuelan authorities in areas such as migration, security, trade, fight against smuggling, education, health, infrastructure, exchange control, transportation and border services.

The common border of 2,219 kilometers, was closed on August 19, 2015 following orders of the Venezuelan Head of State, after an attack that seriously wounded three soldiers of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces while conducting labors of combat against extraction smuggling.

Paramilitary mafias and groups linked to the extraction smuggling of gasoline, foodstuffs and medicines who are operating in this area, affect the development and stability of the Venezuelan economy.

In September 2015, the National Executive created the Mission New Frontier of Peace to address the joint work between the two Governments, in order to curb illegal actions, such as paramilitarism, drug trafficking, kidnapping and smuggling affecting Venezuela and Colombia.