President Maduro: It has been an OAS of sovereignty, of ratification of confidence

Hace 2 años.

“It has been an OAS of sovereignty, of ratification of confidence” said the Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, referring to the victory achieved by Venezuela in the 46th General Assembly of the Organization of American States, held in Santo Domingo.

During a Thursday of housings journey, from Miraflores Palace, the Venezuelan President said that the South American nation came out victorious out of what he called the Battle of the Dominican Republic, “Beyond our expectations, beyond what we thought that was going to will happen (…) for the sake of peace, for the good of the entire Venezuela”, he said.

About the pretenses of the Venezuelan, continental and international right wing which promoted a political and military intervention in the country, he said “They went out for wool, and came back sheared.”

The Venezuelan President explained that this victory strengthens the shine, prestige and height of the “Homeland of the liberators.”