President Maduro: I learned to love and admire the FANB with Commander Chavez

Hace 2 años.

During the graduation ceremony for 1,112 new cadets who became lieutenants and ensigns of the country on Thursday, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said he learned to love and admire the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), through the testimonies and experiences shared by Commander Chavez with the people on what was his military life.

“Chavez shared with us the memories he had on the day of his graduation, on his passing through the academy. From those memories as a lieutenant, a captain, as a senior teacher who helped form the generation of the 21st century, I learned to admire the FANB”said the President in the Court of Honor of the Bolivarian Military University, in Caracas.

He stressed that this promotion, baptized as “Division General Alejandro Petion – Bicentennial of the Keys Expedition”, commemorating the bicentennial of this independence feat, represents the future of those who will the military leaders of the future formed with love for the Homeland and in a civilian-military union.

“Here are the Generals and Admirals that within 30 years can show, with their testimony and history, what was the struggle of this Venezuela for their right to live in independence, for their right to peace,” detailed the Head of State.