President Maduro highlights historical value of Bolivar’s War to Death proclamation

Hace 2 años.

President Nicolas Maduro highlighted on Wednesday in his account on the Facebook social network, the historical value of the proclamation of War to Death signed by Simon Bolivar in Trujillo in 1813 fully amidst the Admirable Campaign, in response to the bloody retaliation with which the Spanish Crown ended the First Republic.

“On June 15, 1813, in the city of Trujillo, our liberator, Simon Bolivar, launched in the early morning hours, the Decree of War to Death.

The proclamation of this decree was the response of our Father Bolivar to the many crimes perpetrated by royalist leaders after the fall of the First Republic 1810-1812, and was intended to attract the people to the patriot cause and create a sense of nationality and patriotism.

Today, we the children of Bolivar, we understand the spirit of such action, leaving clearly defined, the irreducible will of men and women of this land for freedom, which remains in force “